Please welcome our expert for this week – Olga Chernomaz

Many of you have asked questions about raising kids in a bi-lingual household and have also been interested in developmental milestones as they pertain to language acquisition.  This week, we have Olga Chernomaz to the rescue!

Here is a bit about her:

Olga Chernomaz is the director of Dual Language Academy – An after school program, enrichment center, and preschool that enhances children’s education with bilingual immersion. Olga recieved her Bachelor’s of Science with a major in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology. She then recieved a Master of Science in Special Education, Early Childhood Education, and a Bilingual Extension.

After graduation, Olga began providing therapy to children with special needs and developmental delays. A year later, she began to evaluate youngsters to see if they were developing appropriately. After several years of experience, she created a curriculum to enhance children’s education with a bilingual approach.

Dual Language Academy uses this curriculum in each of their programs. Olga continues to administer evaluations for children throughout NYC. You can reach Olga directly at or at 518-595-9352.

For more information on Dual Language Academy, please visit